Is it true? I can really double
my weight loss?

YES! It’s true that you can double your weight loss. And as your food journal coach, I will help you reach your goal.

The VERY FIRST step in any weight loss program is journalling food because food journalling has been scientifically proven to double weight loss. And that means that those that journal lose more weight than those that don’t.

So I just track my calories? No. Weight loss is MUCH more than just counting calories. It’s more about the quality of our macro calories and less about the quantity.

Today our food is being processed and altered in such a way that it affects our ability to lose weight. That is why you need a food journal coach, to help you discover what’s in your diet that’s preventing your weight loss and may even be causing you to gain weight.

Learn what you need to take out, what to put in and, most importantly, why. It is then that your weight will begin to come off. And it WILL come off and come off fast!!

What can I expect?

You will begin immediately journalling your food with an easy on-line application. You will receive a report with many answers toward helping you to not only reach your goal, but maintain it forever. The report will include recommendations for any and all changes in your food journal that may be needed in a number of areas that are critical to weight loss such as:
  • Your diary will be set to include the tracking that is necessary for weight loss.
  • Adjustments will be made in your macronutrient goals (protein,carbohydrates & protein) that will put you in line with current medical research to promote weight loss.
  • You will receive a list of the foods you’re eating with hidden ingredients known to cause weight gain and prevent weight loss.
  • You will receive suggestions for healthy food replacements.
  • Recommendations will be made for the best exercise for weight loss based on current research.
  • You will receive an archive of complete recipes with an easy access shopping list.
  • You will get to take weight loss off your “to do” list once and for all.
  • You will regain your power; wake up each morning feeling confident knowing for sure this time your goal is within reach.
  • Your weight loss will begin almost immediately.

How do I get started?

  • Provide the information needed by completing the form to the right.

When will I receive my report?

  • You will receive your report 10 days after you submit your information.

What happens after I get my report?

  • Once you follow the simple instructions for recommended changes in your diary settings, you’ll begin losing weight almost immediately.
  • A complete explanation as to why these changes need to be made will be included. You’ll receive a list of healthy alternatives.
  • You will receive instructions to gain access to our archive of recipes.
  • You’ll even be able to bring a grocery list of ingredients for your choices right into your mobile device.

What if I have questions?

  • You are encouraged to email with any questions you may have and can expect a prompt reply.

What if I want further consultation as I finally begin to see my goals coming within my reach?

  • Follow-up consultations are available. Rates are determined based on needs.

Get started and reach your personal goal!
What do you have to lose?


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