Success Stories


“By the time I was in my early 20’s I had tried every diet or weight-loss program imaginable. I was almost ready to give up entirely, until I met Joanne. She not only was an incredible source of knowledge on how to lose weight the right way, but she was there to support me 24/7; something you do not find with other trainers or counselors. Joanne was always ready to get down to the bottom of any issue I was having, and she always modified my diet and exercise regimen to what I was comfortable with and what I actually enjoyed. 100 pounds later, I have Joanne to thank for helping me to completely transform my life. I not only lost weight and feel great, but I am a completely different person. I have a great relationship with food and exercise, something I would have never imagined for myself several years ago. I cannot imagine where I would be now if it weren’t for her knowledge, dedication, and most of all her passion for helping others. Thank you Joanne!!
Katie Fitzpatrick
Fall River Massachusetts

“Two years ago, I tried my first kettlebell workout with Joanne.  I was so impressed with her passion for kettlebells and knowledge of nutrition.  Since then, I have attended her kettlebell classes every week and worked with Joanne as my personal trainer.  I learned what I needed nutritionally and the benefits of keeping a food diary.   I look forward to Joanne’s workouts as they are challenging and never tedious.   I get a full body workout in a short amount of time.   I feel great and I am in the best shape of my life!
Jen Yates
Little Compton Rhode Island

Dear Joanne,

“Over a year ago during one of our Kettlebelle training classes you were talking about sugar grams. Not log after that class and your note about keeping sugar grams to around 25 per day, I began counting my sugar grams. Trying to keep at 25 sugar grams per day was not too hard. Keeping my food intake pure, no fillers like bread, flour, eating lots of veggies and protein worked for me. I was also reading Dr William Davis’s book “Wheatbelly”, Joanne’s theory about weight loss and sugar intake stuck with me. I was able to lose nearly 10 lbs for the first time since my sons were born 24 years ago. Those 10 lbs had been so hard to lose for so many years. Limiting sugar grams, portion control, and a steady combination of cardio are all working for me to this day.”
Thanks Joanne!
Barbara Humphrey
Tiverton Rhode Island

After working with Joanne, and having her monitor my nutrition, I now have the lifelong knowledge I need to stay healthy and at a consistent weight, something I have struggled with all my adult life! Her guidance has made all the difference!
Jessica Hedges
Providence, Rhode Island

I was 51 when I started kettlebell training with Joanne. Although I had belonged to a gym for years, exercised regularly, and “thought” I was eating healthy, I was unable to lose the belly fat. In addition, I have struggled for decades to lower my cholesterol which usually ranges anywhere between the high 200’s to low 300’s! I had been following the well-publicized dietary advice of eating whole grains, low saturated fat, and low cholesterol foods. I rarely eat fast foods and cook just about all my meals from scratch. But still I was unable to lose weight and lower my cholesterol. Then I started to follow Joanne’s advice to reduce the amount of sugar and carbs in my diet and increase the amount of “good fats” in my diet. She was so certain the sugar and carbs were the root of my cholesterol and weight problems. I started logging the foods I ate and could not believe how much sugar and carbs I had been consuming daily in seemingly healthy foods! In September 2013, my total cholesterol was 279, and 5 months later, after following Joanne’s advice, my total cholesterol dropped to 176!!! All of my blood test results were perfectly in line with where they ought to be! I could not believe the results I achieved over such a short period of time! With Joanne’s help, I am learning what it really means to eat healthy. Along with these fantastic results, I have started losing the belly fat and can now fit into clothes I thought I never would again! My posture has improved, my body is getting stronger, and I feel great! I’ve since quit my gym membership and switched to kettlebell training which combines cardio and strength training in a lot less time than I spent going to the gym! Thank you Joanne!

Patricia Bergandy
Tiverton, RI