About Joanne

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With three pregnancies and an average weight gain of over 40 pounds with each one, I had my share of weight to lose too. One day, I found myself in one of those huge food warehouses where you stock up on everything from toothpaste to bagel bites, all kinds of junk food and on the way out you can grab a piece of pizza and a soda to go. I remember it well, looking in the overflowing cart and everyone else’s thinking… there is no real food here! It was the moment I told myself I would no longer eat nor feed my family this fake food. I knew enough that diets didn’t work; I never went on one. Instead, I focused on quality food, started reading everything I could get my hands on about quality food. Not long after, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I had to start lifting weight so I went back to the gym. I didn’t find the gym a fun place to be. It seemed like there was a better way to get quality exercise than isolating muscles and mindless cardio on a treadmill. I was a mother of 3 boys and, like all the other moms, trying to juggle everything was not easy. I live in the country; it was a 3 hour commitment when all was said and done! This was taking way too much of my time. I discovered a way to cut the time down with a piece of equipment few people were using. Then I became a personal trainer so I could help others. That’s when I discovered the Russian Kettlebell and became one of the first woman Russian kettlebell instructors in the US. As a result, at age 60, I’m healthier and fitter than I was at 22! I want you to know what I know.
It will change your life.  

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